The Project

For the past 15 years, countless Victorians have enjoyed playing on the turf at Hampton Park. Thousands of hours of use have worn the turfs down past their life span. It is time for Gorge to replace both the main turf and the cage. The cost of the replacement falls on Gorge’s shoulder.

This is a large project with many moving pieces. The project has been broken into three components: technical, financial and fundraising teams. At the 2018 AGM, members voted to allow our BOD the authority to borrow a large portion of the funds needed to complete the project. The outstanding balance will be funded through grants and fundraising.
The cost for the turf project is a hefty one at $850,000+.



Why not grass?
Natural grass simply cannot remain lush and resilient if used more than three to four days a week, in snow or drought, or during months when grass doesn’t grow. This, coupled with an escalating need for durable fields that accommodate multiple teams and activities, the high cost of maintaining a grass sports field or landscape, and the need to conserve water, have prompted a rising number of schools, parks and municipalities to turn to synthetic turf to meet their needs.


The turf replacement project is slated to be complete by summer of 2019/2020.


What is the community benefit of a new turf?
Apart from the direct benefit of providing a playing surface that is available to both the youth and senior members of the Gorge Soccer Association; this field will also benefit the thousands of visiting club teams / players that play games at the facility. 


Intangible impacts of a new field

  • The youth & senior soccer programs will provide a consistent near year-round program for the community youth, thus providing the youth players …

  • Healthier happier players

  • Increased self-esteem

  • The program provides an outlet for aggression - physical play during infancy and early childhood is central to the development of social and emotional competence

  • Youth players involved in sport and potentially less idle time for doing negative activities

  • A healthier community

  • Sense of pride of club, community and city.


How many people use the Gorge turf?

Estimated Number of Positively Impacted Youth & Senior Players
Total    11,000 youth players    3,400 senior players